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"donate education, creates the future"

Nepal - School programs

There are still many children in the world, whose opportunities are smaller in the future, because they enjoy no or only a small education.

In which we promote the schools, we invest into the future of the children.

In Nepal, in the region around the city Pokhara, approx. 200 km west the capital Kathmandu, located many small villages in the valleys at the foot of the Himalaja. Some of them are only within walking distance. The financial situation of these mountain communities is very precarious. This shows up also in the schools. Most buildings are in a bad structural condition. Sanitary plants are hardly present. The class rooms misses furniture and blackboards.
Within the purpose of our programs we restore the infrastructures of the village Schools.
Our special attention is valid for the facility of the class rooms. The children receive tables, so that they do not have to make their booklet entries on the knees.

The teachers receive a table and blackboards.
We financiers also needfuly new buildings and renovations. Roofs are replaced and sanitary plants are provided.
Occasionally a water reservoir serves the village. We compile the projects in close co-operation with the responsible authorities.
Our employee in Nepal take warrenty that the work is implemented from native craftsmen to real conditions.

Overview School

Dibya Jyoti praa Bi (1)


- Adrian & Karin Käppeli, Arbon
- Urs Lenzi Family & Friends
- ibbo donators 2006

Shree Ambika (4)

- Familie Bührer Perroulaz, St. Gallen (2009)
- Familie Mao, St. Gallen (2009)
- VEKS (Verein ehemaliger Flade-Schüler), St.Gallen
- Albert Rütsche, 9305 Berg
- Chlausgruppe Heiligkreuz, St.Gallen

Bhumeshwor Nurwa (6)


- C&B Optik Gmbh

Gauri Shankar (10)


- Kirchgemeinde Rotmonten, St. Gallen
- OhO-Aktion des St. Galler Tagblattes

Bal Kalyan (11)


- Kindergarten Güetli, Heiligkreuz St.Gallen
- Petra Hälg & Roger Staub, Mörschwil

Kalika (14)


- VEKS (Verein ehemaliger Flade-Schüler), St.Gallen

Janakalyan Lower Astam (15)


- Jungwacht Heiligkreuz (Juwahei), St.Gallen

Bal Kalyan Dhital (16)


- Fam. Bührer Peroulaz und Griesfelder, St. Gallen
- c & b Optik gmbh, St. Gallen

Hemjakot (17)

- Primarschulklasse aus Rotmonten, St.Gallen

Indreni (18)


- Schüler der Schule Rotmonten, St.Gallen
- Sternsinger Rotmonten, St.Gallen

Janasiddha (19)


Mahendra Lahachowk (20)


- Sternsinger Rotmonten, St.Gallen

Janakalyan Lahachowk (23)

- Trike Club (2008)

Shree Machhapuchhre (24)


Gyanodaya Bisona (25)


Sahid Smiriti Pokhara (31)