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Class room program in Madagascar


There are still many children in the world, whose opportunities are smaller in the future, because they enjoy no or only a small education. In which we promote the schools, we invest into the future of the children. Madagascar belongs to the income-weakest countries of the earth. Incomes are not enough for their survive. That is not exceptionel. Northeast the capital Antananarivo, in the region Analanjorofo close of the city Vavatenina we start our first project with the school in Ampasina Ambohibe. At present 425 children visit the school, 90% of them are girls. We estimate the number of children, those for financial reasons misses classes, over 100 children in the Environment. The average family income in the region is 240 CHF per year. Although the school teaching is technically free, expenditures for parents accumulate annually CHF 40. These expenditures cannot be paid by some of the parents with the difficult economic conditions in the region. Beside new school building we attach importance to an appropriate facility. According our guiding principle each student should have a place in the classroom and the teaching person an instruction blackboards up-to-date. We compile projects in close co-operation with the responsible authorities. Our projects manager guarantee that the work is implemented from native craftsmen to real conditions. Thanks to the contacts in Madagascar the projects are optimally accompanied. Our project partners guarantee a full-extent conversion of the donations to the work. Close co-operation with the local trade brings work into remote places and supports the local economy. In June 2015 Klaus Horn and its family flew to Madagskar and determined with a building firm the exact situation of the first building and gave the starting signal for the toilet building.

Ibbo in cooperation with the Horn Family
Project management Madagaskar, Family Horn-Razafindratsimba, Oltingerstrasse 21 , 4055 Basel e-mail: ampasina@sunrise.ch
Find out more about the school program in Madagascar: Schule für Ampasina

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ibbo – international blackboard organisation
Berneggstr.28, CH-9000 St.Gallen
Raiffeisenbank St.Gallen IBAN CH73 8000 5000 0501 2624 8 / Madagaskar


Family Horn-Razafindratsimba, Oltingerstrasse 21, 4055 Basel
account owner: Niklaus Horn
Raiffeisenbank Basel, IBAN CH49 8148 6000 0045 3441 0 / Ampasina

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