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"donate education, creates the future"

Nepal - Children Aid Fund

Kinderhilfsfond (CAF)

  • Interim report December 2015:
    In the present school year 2015/2016 we got so far only positive feedbacks. All supported 45 children learn busy and take their opportunity.
    Meanwhile ibbo debate about the support of two students of a high school. We rejected this project. We came to reason that it corresponds not to the philosophy of ibbo. For the financial expenditure of two high school students we can provide for six to eight children a solid basic training. That is concrete assistance to the self-help without promotion of a two-class system and meaningful handling donations. Otherwise ibbo is naturally busily to receive the financial means in order to create future also next year with the Children Aid fund. A child support costs CHF 200 per year. And is also a meaningful Christmas present!

  • Interim report May 2015:
    2015 we could not increase the total number of the supported children therefore still entirely 45 children in ten different school communities. However 12 young adults concluded successfully their school time by assistance of ibbo, on the average of 3-year during support. Accordingly we accepted 12 pupils, who need our assistance likewise urgently, again to our relief funds. Thus we created so far 94 children a future!


  • Description and Targetting
    Ambition of the Children Aid Fund (CAF)  is the lasting support of children from disadvantaged social classes. The support is exclusively limited to the education. ibbo supports no direct financial achievements at individual people or families.

  • initial position
    We located with various school attendances and in discussions with teachers that some children from the school environment keep off the class. For financial reasons they are not sent by parents tot he School.
    For the classes 1-5 books are paid by the state. The family carries the expenses for writing materials and school uniform. These expenditures are usually portable, therefore most children visit the classes 1-5.
    Financial problems for families particularly begin with beginning of the 6th class. Books, school uniform, writing materials, booklets, ink firkins are paid by the pupils themselves. The registration for the SLC (= School Leaving Certificate/school final inspection) costs additionally 1'000 NPR (15 CHF).
    Per child it comes on 10 ' 000 NPR (140 CHF) annually. The average income amounts to approximately 450 CHF. The income of many rural families however is below 300 CHF.

  • Arrangement
    The school administration clarifies the support for the needed families. The criteria are given by ibbo. The school administration places a request for support in co-operation with the needed families.
    By regular conversation between training people, school administration and ibbo we can arrange optimal assistance for the children.
    The Children Aid fund finance school material such as booklets, books and teaching materials as well as expendable material such as pencils, erasers and ink firkins.
    The CAF provides additionally for school clothes and inspection fees.

  • Reporting
    the school is responsibility itself for the fact that the supported children attend the class regularly. They render an account over the behavior and achievement of the pupils during the school year. The ibbo employee checks financial conditions and proof the auxiliary need of the applicants after expiration of one year together with the school administration. If the financial situation should have improved, ibbo limits the support and has a free resources to help other needy children.

With your donation you give education and create future!