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"donate education, creates the future"

About ibbo

ibbo is a relief organization in the area of education, which places its acting and its principles into the service of the fellow men. Ibbo commits itself with a wide experience and its effecting to the sustainability. We are a non-government organization and our seat is in St.Gallen - Switzerland.

About ibbo

  • ibbo is an association that does care about the increasing cultural pauperization.
  • ibbo knows that living standard can only be enhanced sustainably by education.
  • ibbo ensures that donations are being used where there are needed the most – in children’s lives
  • ibbo supports the economy by exclusively using domestic products to build schools. Thereby, families are being financially relieved and their children can go to school instead of working.
  • ibbo is both politically and religiously Independent.
  • ibbo has a vision – to expand the aid from Nepal to other countries. Therefore, we need your donations.

Composition and structure

In order to help sustainably in the regions, ibbo has established a network of aid workers and skilled employees, which operates on many levels and is set up multidimensional. On one hand, ibbo hires professionals, on the other hand we work with volunteers.

Skilled Employees: ibbo has established a network of employees on site which are in constant contact with ibbo and control the institutions. These associates also evaluate where help is needed. Since they are locals, the improvement of the living standard is a matter close to their heart.

Volunteer: It is ibbo’s goal to establish a network of volunteers which are looking for a new challenge for a certain period of time or for an extended world trip. Ibbo is looking for support in two fields:

For the classes we are looking exclusively for skilled  teachers or people who are experienced in teaching.

The second field is attractive for people  who are planning to stay in Nepal for a longer period of time and can support the building of infrastructure or help supervise in children’s homes. This work is voluntary.

By staying in a foreign country for a long period of time, valuable experience of life and profound knowledge in a different language can be gained.

Ibbo’s opinion:
Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that everyone has the right to education.

Even though education is a fundamental right, countries outside of Europe are struggling to acknowledge and implement this right.

In Nepal for example, everyday life is organized different then in Europe. Due to the remote geographical and political situation, everyone has to fight for himself in order to survive. This austere lifestyle demands the help of every family member, and therefore it is common that children have to go to work instead of getting an education.

Also, infrastructure such as means of transportation, streets and schools is often inexistent. Most of the schools are often missing fundamental equipment, which make’s a normal class impossible.

Our credo

Nepalese are able to actively shape their future and impinge upon the social and economical future of their country. Due to enhanced education, the Nepalese people will have easier access to information and are able to take actively part in political life.

-We enhance the quality in Schools
-We promote the social and economical development in the contry
-We improve the infrastructure in Schools
-We enable financially disadvantaged children to get an education
-We support teachers in their daily work
-We support juveniles in regard to their final Tests
-We promote women’s rights
-We encourage andragogy (or adult education)

-We consider ourselves politically and religiously Independent
-We are dedicated to a reliable use of donations
-We adhere to human rights
-We are committed to sustainability
-We work together with the local People
-We are dedicated to comply with ethic and moral principles
-We are financially independent

The goal of good development aid is to be needless medium-term

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